Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just Bring Your Hands

You must be thinking right now "Just Bring Your Hands? Is this some kind of donation or something?!" Well no, it isn't. I only talk about food and art remember??(though I can't think of what to do in art...) This is a restaurant, Merkato, where you can eat with your hands! Kids will love this!!
Merkato is an Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles CA, on Fairfax. (Near LACMA museum) Well if you live under a rock and never heard of Ethiopian food, then I shall explain. Ethiopian food often has on the center platter a piece of spongy flat bread called injera. The bread is a little bit sour but goes great with what you put on it. On top of the bread are often lentils, cabbage, greens, and meat each cooked in different kinds of sauces that soak into the bread.
Then this is when the hand part comes in. Tear off a piece of the injera and scoop up the sauce and eat up! It may seem uncivilized but that's why kids love it! Hope you have fun!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ramen California (more ramen)

We were going to meet my cousins Sydney and Claire because they came to LA to visit us.(They live in Boston) And we couldn't figure out a place to eat until my mom suggested Ramen California because it was reviewed in the LA times.So we drove all the way up to Torrence, CA, and found Ramen California.
We arrived around 11:45 but the tables were full! So we sat at the counter, with a full view of the chefs cooking the food. We thought that was awesome until we tried the salad. I don't usually like salad but this salad was delicious. They didn't drench it in sauce or put too little, they put just the right amount. They have several different sized bowls. A small, large, and extra large. Two bowls of extra large bowls would probably be enough for four people or more! But we ordered two small bowls (for my sister and I) and two large bowls for my parents. And it was just the right amount. When the food came there was already a long line of people waiting outside the restaurant. The ramen was outstanding. They had very unique ingredients they put in the ramen.Such as purple cauliflowers, green cauliflowers, heirloom tomatoes, and much more.

When we were done with our meals we were all very pleased even my dad who doesn't like ramen very much. You guys should try it out. It's a restaurant worth going to. After you try it, tell me how much you liked it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frozen Yogurt!!

Sorry I didn't blog in a while, I couldn't figure out a topic but suddenly three new topics popped into my head. The first is, you may have guessed by the title, YOGURT! But not just any yogurt, FROZEN YOGURT!! Everybody likes frozen yogurt except some people(like my friend from school.) So let me review the most common frozen yogurt places. Red Mango, Pinkberry, Yoku Yoku, and Yogurtland! You may disagree with what I think about these places, but then you can try their yogurt again and tell me what you think about them,

the stock market's up anyways!! I'll list them from worst to best. I personally think Red Mango is at the bottom of the list because it's a bit too hard and a bit too sweet. But listen that was MY opinion. It's on Venice Blvd if you want to check it out, near an In and Out Burgers, but I'm sure there are more around since it's a chain restaurant.. Running in third (no offense) is Pinkberry, because it's a bit watered down and maybe could do with some more flavors. You can find it almost anywhere (because it's also a chain restaurant) but you can find one of them in the Olympic Collection on Sawtelle and one in Marina Del Rey near a Rubios. (Sorry I don't know the exact location.) In second place there is Yoku Yoku. It's really good and they not only have frozen yogurt they also have boba, and gelatos. There are a lot of flavors too. They even sponsor my basketball team! If you look on the counter you'll see a trophy with a picture of our team on it. So, what's the problem you ask? It's way too expensive. We like to go there only if it's really hot, with my team, or if the stock market's up. It's on Palms and Sepulvda! And in first place there is Yogurtland! It has a lot of flavors (depending on which one you go too, there are hundreds of flavors in the one on Sawtelle near Curry House), cheap but good yogurt, and biodegradable spoons! The biodegradable spoon part was a little dumb, but every bit counts to keep our earth clean! There are a lot of Yogurtlands opening up. There are a few in Rowland Heights and the one I mentioned on Sawtelle. But you can look up more. There are probably hundreds! Tell me what you think about these yogurt places and tell me some you think are good. See you next time when I talk about more ramen!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Soon Tofu

So last night I went to eat soon tofu in Korea Town. My family and I usually go down to the galleria to get a quick good bite to eat and buy some groceries like kimchee and gyoza. The galleria is a great place to eat because it has a supermarket downstairs, shops and gift stores on the middle floor, and restaurants on the top floor. So we went there only to find out they had NO soon tofu! But instead there was a great bibimbap place called Yang Ji Express.(Just so you know bibimbap is a rice bowl with meat and vegetables and spicy sauce mixed into it.) It had other things other than bibimbap but we just ordered two orders of bibimbap with a side order of tofu soup (not as spicy as soon tofu). It was great and very filling, so if you swing by Korea Town check out some of their food.
I know by the title of this post you thought it would be more about soon tofu, so here is a great restaurant in Korea Town that REALLY sells soon tofu. It's called BCD Tofu House.

What I love about it is that it has great soon tofu,kimchee,etc, and they keep the rice in the stone pot to fry and in the end they add water making something a bit like porridge. But you have to taste it to believe it!
If you live on the west side and want soon tofu, but don't want to drive all the way to Korea Town, then I would suggest a few places like Tofu Ya on Sawtelle or Asian Ya which is just off of Barrington and Gateway.

If you guys know any good soon tofu places tell me and I'll try it out!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Few Great Restraunts

Oishi!!! A good ramen and curry restaurant. On the west side of Los Angeles, I love to go to Curry House on Sawtelle for curry rice. I love the chicken cutlet curry there. Kids enjoy it because they give a small kids meal with a toy on the side. They also give the kids fun activities to do while they wait for their food. If you pass Sawtelle be sure to check it out.
If you don't live on the westside, here is a great restaurant for ramen and curry. My coach Steph introduced this restaurant, Tamaya, to me and the rest of my basketball teammates. It has great curry rice, ramen, 7up floats, and many more! I love the 7up floats a lot because it's really unique with 7up,of course,and a choice between green tea or vanilla ice cream. Have fun eating at this restaurant!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My first blog

I drew this small cartoon earlier today using word and as you might have guessed I'm a rice fan!

I like any dish made with rice and I like all kinds of rice even rice pudding!
I'm going to use this blog to talk about good food and fun, easy art that kids and adults might like. Have Fun!