Friday, July 17, 2009

Ramen California (more ramen)

We were going to meet my cousins Sydney and Claire because they came to LA to visit us.(They live in Boston) And we couldn't figure out a place to eat until my mom suggested Ramen California because it was reviewed in the LA times.So we drove all the way up to Torrence, CA, and found Ramen California.
We arrived around 11:45 but the tables were full! So we sat at the counter, with a full view of the chefs cooking the food. We thought that was awesome until we tried the salad. I don't usually like salad but this salad was delicious. They didn't drench it in sauce or put too little, they put just the right amount. They have several different sized bowls. A small, large, and extra large. Two bowls of extra large bowls would probably be enough for four people or more! But we ordered two small bowls (for my sister and I) and two large bowls for my parents. And it was just the right amount. When the food came there was already a long line of people waiting outside the restaurant. The ramen was outstanding. They had very unique ingredients they put in the ramen.Such as purple cauliflowers, green cauliflowers, heirloom tomatoes, and much more.

When we were done with our meals we were all very pleased even my dad who doesn't like ramen very much. You guys should try it out. It's a restaurant worth going to. After you try it, tell me how much you liked it!

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