Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frozen Yogurt!!

Sorry I didn't blog in a while, I couldn't figure out a topic but suddenly three new topics popped into my head. The first is, you may have guessed by the title, YOGURT! But not just any yogurt, FROZEN YOGURT!! Everybody likes frozen yogurt except some people(like my friend from school.) So let me review the most common frozen yogurt places. Red Mango, Pinkberry, Yoku Yoku, and Yogurtland! You may disagree with what I think about these places, but then you can try their yogurt again and tell me what you think about them,

the stock market's up anyways!! I'll list them from worst to best. I personally think Red Mango is at the bottom of the list because it's a bit too hard and a bit too sweet. But listen that was MY opinion. It's on Venice Blvd if you want to check it out, near an In and Out Burgers, but I'm sure there are more around since it's a chain restaurant.. Running in third (no offense) is Pinkberry, because it's a bit watered down and maybe could do with some more flavors. You can find it almost anywhere (because it's also a chain restaurant) but you can find one of them in the Olympic Collection on Sawtelle and one in Marina Del Rey near a Rubios. (Sorry I don't know the exact location.) In second place there is Yoku Yoku. It's really good and they not only have frozen yogurt they also have boba, and gelatos. There are a lot of flavors too. They even sponsor my basketball team! If you look on the counter you'll see a trophy with a picture of our team on it. So, what's the problem you ask? It's way too expensive. We like to go there only if it's really hot, with my team, or if the stock market's up. It's on Palms and Sepulvda! And in first place there is Yogurtland! It has a lot of flavors (depending on which one you go too, there are hundreds of flavors in the one on Sawtelle near Curry House), cheap but good yogurt, and biodegradable spoons! The biodegradable spoon part was a little dumb, but every bit counts to keep our earth clean! There are a lot of Yogurtlands opening up. There are a few in Rowland Heights and the one I mentioned on Sawtelle. But you can look up more. There are probably hundreds! Tell me what you think about these yogurt places and tell me some you think are good. See you next time when I talk about more ramen!

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  1. this is good to know. I love frozen yogurt and mostly eat Pinkberry and Menchies. I will go and try Yogurtland now...thank you!