Friday, August 17, 2012

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza (Pitfire, Abbots and Mozza)

Usually when people eat pizza they think of red sauce, cheese, and occasionally pepperoni or another kind of topping.

Our favorite place to go for pizza is Pitfire Pizza. We love going to Pitfire Pizza for gourmet pizza. They have so many different and unique kinds of pizza that they serve. Unlike most pizza places, I don't think you can find a plain cheese pizza at Pitfire's. They have a spicy shrimp pizza (Big Sur), Greens Eggs and Ham (It has a giant egg on it!) , mushroom pizza (Field Mushrooms) , and a lot more. Pitfire Pizza also sells many different types of drinks such as cream soda and boxed water. The pizzeria is very kid friendly, but adults like it too because they can get a class of wine there and feel civilized.

Pitfire's pizza dough is really good. It's crispy and thin and makes the pizza seem very light. The pizza's are delicious and we always go to Pitfire if friends come over. It's usually pretty crowded though. Aside from pizza they have great salads and pasta too and a great soft served ice cream.

Heirloom Tomato Pizza at Pitfire
We also like to go to Abbot's pizza. Even though we like Pitfire more, Abbot has an interesting pizza crust that's made from bagel dough!!! It's heavier, but quite good too. The mushroom pizza at Abbot's is outstanding.

Wild mushroom pizza with bagel crust at Abbots
We've been to fancy schmancy Pizzeria Mozza which is owned by famous Iron Chef Mario Batali. However, for the same kind of gourmet pizza as Pitfire, this Mozza is too expensive and not as kid friendly. Frankly, we don't think it's as good, pizza-wise or money-wise.

Pizza from Pizzeria Mozza

So, anyways, instead of eating regular cheese pizza all the time try something new! All three of these places have great pizza. Tell us which one you like the most!

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