Sunday, November 4, 2012

Boba Drinks

The mechanics of how boba gets sucked up!

Hey guys! I know it's been a while. And I haven't drawn much food in my last few blogs so here's a gif  I made! Today I'm going to talk about boba or bubble tea. Boba are tapioca balls cooked to create a delicious sweet chewy ball. We usually get boba in milk tea, but it can also be in slushies, fruit smoothies, coffee, or any other type of drink.

Usually when I go to my grandparents house we get boba from a chain place called Lollicup. Lollicup is really good. It has many different flavors of ice tea or fruit smoothies. We don't really have any boba places on the Westside, so when we are in the mood for boba we go to Volcano Tea. I'm not complaining though, because Volcano Tea is fantastic. If you haven't heard of it, it's very popular. It, like most of the restaurants I blog about, is on Sawtelle. The only problem is is that there is usually a very long line. The service is very good though and the employees are able to take peoples orders fast and keep the line moving.

I really like Volcano Ice because in the boba drinks you can really taste the tea and not just the boba.  My sister likes to get Oolong milk tea a lot, which is really good.  Plus, they do not make the tea too sweet. The boba is also very chewy and delicious.

If you haven't had boba before, go try it because it's an experience sucking chewing balls with your drink! Tell me if there are any boba places that are good that I haven't heard about.

Lollicup website:
Volcano Tea House website:


  1. I love to go to Lollicup and and drink boba!!!! I like to get the mango slushie. I love your gif!!!!

    1. Haha next time I'll try the mango slushie. And thank you!