Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Girl Dinette

Hi everyone! Here's a good restaurant in Highland Park near the Metro Gold Line. It's a bit of a drive from the westside and it is in a very... artsy neighborhood. We decided to try Good Girl Dinette because they gave out promotional chips at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. THEY WERE GOOD.

Good Girl Dinette serves Vietnamese fusion food and it's done very well. Sometimes fusion food is not done very well making diners rather have the original ethnic dish, but not with Good Girl Dinette! Unlike most asian fusion restaurants, the food they serve is spicy and savory.  Each item they have on the menu is unique and accompanied with original homemade sauces created by chef Diep Tran. (The lemongrass chili oil is SUPER GOOD). I would definitely get the chili fries which is spicy and tossed with chili and garlic, with a dipping cilantro mayo. There is a different special on the menu everyday, depending on the vegetables and items in season. Chef Trans buys them from the farmer's market. My sister got Grandma's Pho and I got a special Eggplant Rice Noodle Salad. Both were delish!

Eggplant Rice Noodle Salad

The homemade soda pops are also really good. The fruit used in the pops change depending on what's available in the farmer's market. Last time I got the Tangelo pop and my sister got the Blood Orange pop. They were both great.

Good Girl Dinette is very spacious, clean, and inviting. There are different pieces of artwork hanging on the walls. The day we were there there was a painting of a beautiful giant squash.

You can find all the information about Good Girl Dinette and the menu here: 

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  1. Diep's having a Seedling Giveaway tomorrow, Saturday July 29th during lunch and dinner! Come on by and restart your garden!