Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Frying Scotsman

This post is about a  "restaurant" in Portland, if you go there, check it out! My family visited Oregon last year. . . I think? We were walking around the city center, looking at the many food carts in Portland, trying to find something to eat. As we were walking I saw a sign that looked like this:
Somehow, my brain dug deep into all of the memories hidden in my mind from when I was 8 or 9 and  my brain told me that I knew this symbol from somewhere. (We're learning about the brain in science!) So I told my parents and sister that this was a food truck featured on Food Network. So they trusted me and followed the sign. There we met James (the frying Scotsman). And he was definitely from Food Network. It's hard to forget him. He looks very distinct and he has the most awesome accent ever. He's from Scotland (obviously). Anyways, I was too shy to ask him about seeing him on TV, but my dad asked him for me and he said he was featured on Food Network (on something called Eat Street) ! It was so awesome! And I got to take a picture with him!  He actually said I could go inside the truck but my mom didn't hear him and just started taking the sucks for me. I could have been frying fish with him. Oh well. He was the nicest guy ever.
Me with James!

And the fish and chips? Best I've ever had. It's so light and crunchy and delicious. It is greasy...but what do you expect? It's fish and chips. I think we got the Halibut, Mahi Mahi....and maybe the Haddock? Sadly...we missed the part on the menu that said Deep Fried Mars Bars... I heard those were really good. Maybe next time.... It was definitely enough for one person. The portions are really big (but not too big). The portions are perfect and it's so good. I really want some now.
Here's their website and all the information!

SW 9th and Alder, Portland, OR 97205

I didn't get to see Portland that much because we had to catch a train back to Seattle. But it was definitely worth going to there to eat at the 
Frying Scotsman!
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