Sunday, September 4, 2011

Frozen Yogurt!! ADDING ON

Now I'm not so sure about what kind of frozen yogurt place I like. The more I go to Pinkberry the more I like it. I think Pinkberry will now be at the top of my list because it tastes tart, instead of just some milk with sugar. I think that the best frozen yogurt would definitely be the frozen yogurt homemade. Once i find the recipe for it I'll post it online. I think that it's awesome that Yogurtland has those decomposable spoons though. They are so colorful and awesome. :3 Yogurtland needs some flavors that are a little more tart.

Hmmmm.....I haven't seen a Red Mango place in quiet a while...... Maybe I got all the red mango places to close down. BWAHAHAHA... No just kidding. I haven't tried Red Mango for a really long time maybe 4 years long time but there's none in the area anyways.

The absolute best toppings to get at Pinkberry are these really delicious milk chocolate crisps. They are the best thing you can get on frozen yogurt EVER! All of the chocolate is all melty and delicious...

At Yogurtland they give you a tasting cup....which is not the best idea because you see people go in there and fill there tasting cup till it's 12 inches high and they can just leave because that's all the frozen yogurt they want anyways.

I never heard of Menchies before.... I guess I'll go look it up.

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  1. sounds yummy~thanks for the review! I have a menchies near I want to go :-)