Friday, July 16, 2010


I haven't been writing since, as you can see, January 13. It's going to be hard to remember stuff from Paris because 1, I have a horrible memory, and 2, it was 2 years ago. The reason I stopped writing was because I got kind of lazy and started to become a couch potato and collect dust.I'm going to try to write more on this blog though because I have about 100 newrestaurants I have to talk about.
Okay. This is going to be a long post. So, I went to Paris last year and it was beautiful. The only problem was, the food wasn't that great. I must say the best thing I ate was in Versailles at a little restaurant called A La Cote Bretonne. They serve the best kind of crepes I've ever had. And they're not just sweet they can have eggs, bacon, ratatouille, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, anything you can ever dream of and they're all delicious. If you're going to Paris and going to check out Versailles you have to go to A La Cote Bretonne.
Now If you're going to Brussels, which is only a few hours drive from Paris, you should go have seafood at..well near the fish market.I don't think it really matters which place you go to (and I can't remember the name) to get good seafood at a fish market.
I guess I have to talk about a restaurant in Paris too. But nothing was that great. Remember if you're going to eat at a restaurant in Paris, ask the waiter to give you tap water to drink because otherwise they'll give you bottled water which is $8.00. And coke, would be $6.00 and it's not very fizzy either. I would say your best bet is to get some french bread, some salami and cheese and eat by the River Seine. It's a great way to see the highlights of Paris, and it's cheap and good. We figured out that the salami, cheese and bread was the best meal on the last day of our trip,
and ate in our hotel, so we never got to sit by the Seine at night to eat. We did walk along the Seine many times and saw many people eating this kind of food and listening to the people singing and dancing and playing musical instruments.
One of the best parts of Paris was getting ice cream everyday at Berthillon.
Berthillon is a small ice cream place. Actually really small you have to get your ice cream at the front of the store through a window. But that doesn't matter when the ice cream is that good. Many people are in line for the ice cream though,so you have to be prepared to wait. The thing that's interesting about Berthillon is they also sell 2 ice cream cones connected. It's kind of hard to explain so I'll draw a picture later.So that pretty much wraps up what I was supposed to write last summer but I still have a LOT of catching up to do.
(I wrote this 2 years ago [above]. So it's like a time capsule! hahahaahehehe)

I am so sorry i didn't post this.... I could have but I got kind of lazy.... I went to Paris actually 2 years ago. I went to Hawaii last year and this year i went to Seattle/the pacific northwest, and San Francisco. Sorry i haven't posted in a while... Like my cousin, I haven't posted in 2 years. :) Sorry about that. THERE ARE A LOT OF RESTAURANTS I HAVE TO REVIEW NOW!

Sorry, that the drawing so small. I used adobe illustrator but when I posted the drawing it looks really tiny.... I hope that you can read the font!

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