Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Orris; a Place to Get Away From Kids Like Us... Ha Ha

Happy New Year! Wow.... To all the people who actually read my blog, I haven't posted since August 15th as you can see. The reason why? Laziness got the best of me! In school we've been doing book reviews so it reminded me of my lonely little computer waiting for me to start a new post. In the last "few" months, from summer to winter break, I found many different restaurants nagging me at the back of my mind to write about them, which I "never got the chance to do". But I have too many things to write about, one of which was finding a great restaurant in Paris, so I will start with the first thing that I should have wrote about in summertime, the restaurant Orris.(you can click on the link to see the site) As you guys may have noticed most of the restaurants we like are near Sawtelle, and Orris is one of those many places. Orris standing for the root of an iris (why? check the site!), is a pretty expensive restaurant and we only go on special occasions like birthdays. The last time I went, August 15 was my sister's birthday, and there's one thing I need to say about Orris, and that is their food is great. The first time we discovered it was when Tofu Ya and Hide Sushi (a place I will also mention some other time) were too crowded. We decided to wander the streets for a while and stumbled upon Orris. Orris serves small servings, or tapas and I personally enjoy eating smaller dishes. The flavors are wonderful and unique if you don't mind spending some extra money. One of their dishes, one of my favorites, is the curry infused shrimp tempura or the seared ahi sashimi.
  imgres.jpg    imgres.jpg  

(these are just the menu page on the site). Hmm I seem to be getting hungry just thinking about it. Well I'll write about other stuff later. I'm going to get a snack! I hope you guys enjoy Orris. It's a great place to get away from kids like us if you want to have a romantic dinner! Here's more info:

Location: 2006 Sawtelle Boulevard Los Angeles California 90025
Phone (310) 268-2212
Oh and a sneak peek on the Paris trip; I'll finally include art... including the Mona Lisa!

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  1. I love eating at Orris! I will definitely try the curry shrimp tempura--that sounds delish! thanks for the heads up! :-D