Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gourmet Vegetarian

The food at this restaurant is delicious. The food is all vegetarian, even their "fish", "pork" "chicken" and other meat dishes are made of faux meat, i.e. gluten or tofu. Gourmet Vegetarian is in San Gabriel Valley. We go to this restaurant quite often. I'm pretty surprised I haven't reviewed it yet. A lot of the dishes at this restaurant are so good. To accompany the dishes, you can order either (1) porridge and crispy fried bread, or (2) steamed brown rice and soup. We usually order the porridge and bread combination because the porridge is really tasty with pumpkin pieces in it. The crispy fried bread is stringy inside and slightly sweet.
crispy fried bread
For the main dishes, we usually order the tofu with bean crisps, the faux fish, bitter melon in black bean sauce(not my favorite but my mom likes it), tempeh cubes with 3 chilis, and abalone slices (which are really giant mushroom slices with bok choi). I also really like this one kind with strips of tofu and celery. It's really delicious, but I don't know what it's called! I think it's in the background of the bread picture above. The food is so tasty and we usually over order and over eat, thinking that it's healthy because it's all vegetarian. It always makes me feel happy when I'm done eating.
cubed tempeh with 3 chilis

bitter melon

tofu with crispy bean sauce

This kind of food is usually not available on the Los Angeles Westside. You have to go to the San Gabriel Valley for the Chinese vegetarian dishes, and Gourmet Vegetarian is the best vegetarian restaurant of them all. It must be good because you see Buddhist monks and nuns eating there too. Here is the information for Gourmet Vegetarian.
140 West Valley Boulevard San Gabriel,
CA 91776 (626) 280-5998

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