Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bahn Mi Cho Cu: The Best Vietnamese Sandwiches

My mom told me a little while ago about this place and bought a couple of their sandwiches before, but I never actually went to Bahn Mi Cho Cu until last week.

We had President's Day weekend off, and so we decided to check out the Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit at the Bower Museum before it leaves in March. Bahn Mi Cho Cu is a very little store (I guess sort of a hole in the wall) inside a mini mall in Orange County's Little Saigon. They sell all kinds of pre-made vietnamese delicacies, but most importantly, they sell Vietnamese sandwiches. Their store is not very inviting and filled with all kinds of food. Most of the other things they sell are sweet.

They sell boba drinks, teas, and grass jelly drinks but the drink we had was super sweet. Even when the ice melted it was still way too sweet for our tastes. I don't think the other drinks are much better either, but if you find one that isn't that sweet please go ahead and comment below.

The sandwich however, is a completely different story. We get the Bahn Mi special. This sandwich is so delicious. The homemade bread is so light and buttery and delicious. The sandwich is filled with pickled daikons and carrots, crispy cucumbers, and a very spicy (depends on the sandwich) jalapeno. The sandwich has thinly sliced Vietnamese ham, and pate. I love Vietnamese sandwiches, but ones from this place is so much better. They don''t stuff it with meat, and the French bread is light and airy inside but crispy outside. The price is amazing. The sandwiches are $2.50 each. If you buy four you get two free, so that's six giant sandwiches for $10. You may want to buy extras though and store it in your fridge for lunch, dinner, breakfast, and a midnight snack. Or for any time.

After you eat this sandwich you won't want any other Vietnamese sandwich besides this one. This is truly the one and only Vietnamese sandwich.
Maybe I'm not making it clear enough, but you have to try this sandwich. This is the ultimate Vietnamese sandwich. You should be able to tell how good this sandwich is by how much bold I am using in this post. I don't usually bold this much. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

PLEASE TRY BAHN MI CHO CU'S BAHN MI SPECIAL, and tell me what you think about it. :)

Here is the address below:
Bahn Mi Cho Cu
14520 Magnolia St.
West Minster

I hope I go there tomorrow!


  1. Awesome post! The bahn mi looks so good!

  2. that looks amazing! we got to little saigon from time to time so we will definitely check it out next time. thank you for the great info!

  3. Tell me how you like it.... Now I want one NOW....